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About Us.

We are a real estate firm established in 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya. The primary objective of the company is to scout for real estate investment opportunities for different clients in Kenya. In particular, the company scrutinizes the specific preferences presented by different clients and engages its vast network in soliciting for […]

Our Services.

Ofisibora scouts for land that meets clients’ diverse needs across Kenya. These needs include development; commercial, residential and mixed-use, industrial and agricultural. Second, the company conducts the requisite due diligence on all parcels of land that are available for sale. Indeed, due diligence ensures that the company presents its clients […]

Ofisibora scouts for incoming generating properties and regularly updates its portfolio to include high yielding properties in different parts of Kenya. The company calculates the yield rate of the property and ensures that it meets the minimum rate outlined by the client. A high yield rate translates into a good […]

Ofisibora is a highly innovative company that understands the importance of progress in the real estate sector. Hence, the company has taken into joint venture partnership that is a new phenomenon in Kenya’s real estate. The company has embraced the concept wholly. The company links clients seeking joint venture partnerships […]

Ofisibora helps clients to search for office or retail space in Kenya. When the client contacts the Ofisibora team, it takes down his preferences including location, size of office or retail space required on rental or leasehold terms , availability of criticalamenities that support the operations of business, infrastructure, and […]

As a modern real estate consultancy firm, Ofisibora recognizes the importance of promoting sustainability in real estate. Sustainability in real estate includes the use of renewable energy across the board including in commercial and residential properties. Other issues covered under sustainable real estate development include environmental and water conservation. Moreover, […]

We assist local and international clients in accessing investment opportunities and develop projects. We help investors to take advantage of emerging in the sector such as energy, mining, real estate. In addition, we facilitate the site acquisition process including by conducting due diligence and ensuring a smooth transfer process for […]

We work with private and public enterprises seeking funds to expand their businesses. We link them with local and international financiers and facilitate the process of the release of the funds. We ensure that the firms or institutions seeking funds understand the financiers’ requirements and provide the relevant information and […]